We cleaned our very first wheelie bin, all the way back in April 2014. Fast forward to 2022 and we now clean well over 1,000 wheelie bins for customers every month. All of our customers sign up to have their general waste bin cleaned every four weeks, with 75% of our customers

also adding additional bins to their plan. We also clean plastics, cardboard and garden waste bins.


  • After signing up to our service, we will arrive at your property on the same day as your local council empty your wheelie bin and load the bin into the back of our specially fitted out vehicle, by the road side.

  • We will spray a strong degreaser into the bin and work in with a wire brush to loosen up old stains and grime stuck to the container.

  • The wheelie bin is then power washed both inside and outside with a petrol powered jet wash.

  • Once all of the dirty water has drained from the wheelie bin, we finish off with by spraying inside the lid with a strong smelling deoderiser.

  • Finally, your wheelie bin is wheeled back to your property and left in a place of your choice. This can be on your driveway, by a side gate or in another place if you'd prefer.